Experiential Wealth, Inc.
Experiential Wealth, Inc.
Experiential Wealth, Inc.

Our Services

Whether through discretionary management or nondiscretionary consulting, we are proud to serve in the best interest of our clients.

Experiential Wealth’s wealth management service provides two types of investment services.

Experiential Wealth, Inc.

Nondiscretionary Services

We act as an investment consultant or non-discretionary investment manager assisting and counseling clients in managing their portfolio. Clients retain the discretionary authority to make final investment or portfolio allocation decisions. However, we offer them the value of our investment experience, knowledge, resources and guidance, and they look to us as a sounding board when they have doubts or uncertainty.

Experiential Wealth, Inc.

Discretionary Services

We act as an investment manager on a discretionary basis, which gives Experiential Wealth, Inc. the authority to make investment and asset allocation decisions on behalf of our clients.

Trust is a necessary ingredient in providing investment services, and Experiential Wealth, Inc. offers a high level of transparency enabling clients the right to verify and continue the trust. This trust is fostered by keeping clients informed throughout our six step investment process.

Either Way, A Fiduciary.

We adhere to the fiduciary standard promulgated under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (“Act”). Under the Act, our duties are clear and set the foundation for everything we do:

An investment adviser is a fiduciary whose duty is to serve the best interests of its clients, including an obligation not to subordinate clients’ interests to its own. Included in the fiduciary standard are the duties of loyalty and care. An adviser that has a material conflict of interest must either eliminate that conflict or fully disclose to its clients all material facts relating to the conflict.

Experiential Wealth, Inc. prides itself in integrating the fiduciary standard into its culture, policies, procedures and its way of life. From transparency to disclosure, we put clients’ interests first and foremost.

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