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Fiduciary Consulting

Our Fiduciary Consulting Services help you develop a framework and process to meet your ERISA responsibilities and obligations.
At Experiential Wealth, Inc., we are plan fiduciaries both in spirit and by contract. We believe that what we do is more than a job, a way to make a living, or a career path. Rather, being a fiduciary consultant or a fiduciary manager is a noble profession. We share an important common link to other fiduciaries such as teachers, firemen, soldiers and police officers–we all serve others by placing our constituents interests ahead of our own.

“This fiduciary lens helps us to be clear minded about our services and how we can help plan sponsors and other fiduciaries in bettering their thinking and actions when we collectively serve in the best interest of the plan participants and beneficiaries.”

Our role is to offer our wisdom, experience and expertise at a reasonable compensation and to not cause the clients to violate their fiduciary responsibilities or marginalize their fiduciary position because of our presence. We are our plan sponsors’ advocate and instill the best practices. Our clients hire us for our loyalty and standard of care, and we owe them a perpetual quest to be at our best so that they can benefit from our engagement.

When working with clients, we focus on what is important to the plan and find the most prudent solutions in deriving the desired outcome. More specifically, Experiential Wealth, Inc. fulfills its fiduciary duty either as an ERISA Section 3(21) investment co-fiduciary or as an ERISA Section 3(38) fiduciary with full discretion in one or more of the following areas

  • Analyze existing plans for ERISA compliance
  • Review plan design parameters and process
  • Install fiduciary best practices
  • Maximize fiduciary protection through implementing regulatory “safe harbors”
  • Draft Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”)
  • Assess and analyze existing investment options
  • Prudently select and monitor investment options
  • Review and evaluate the selection of a Qualified Default Investment Alternative (“QDIA”)
  • Prepare and review responses to plan sponsor-specific administrative or investment
  • Request for Proposal (“RFP”) or Request for Information (“RFI”)
  • Conduct plan fee and service benchmarking

In all of these areas, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations by building on the highest industry standards and exemplary best practices.

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