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Philip Chao is Quoted in the Financial Advisor (FA) Magazine on BlackRock & Microsoft Partnering on Workplace Platform and Guaranteed Income Products

Jun 3, 2019 | Company News, Everything Else, Opinions

Do annuities and 401(k) plans mix?  The answer appears to be yes if you look at the recently passed retirement bill by the House.  This article from FA Magazine quoted many industry folks and advisers, and it appears that, just like opinion, every respondent has a unique response.  There is no-one-size-fits-all annuity contract, but that does not mean that annuity is a dirty word.  When annuity regulatory safe harbor is eventually introduced, insurance companies and asset managers will be creative in delivering better and lower cost decumulation (blended) solutions that can be individualized to participants and retirees.  Annuities are really not as complicated or negative as the detractors seem to suggest.  In fact we, as members of the retirement industry, have an obligation to make the subject matter and decision process simple.

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