Through the development of a reasoned and practical Investment Policy Statement, we aim to guide the process in a way that will deliver cost effective solutions, identify and select investment vehicles that align with the stated goals, and prudently monitor investments.

A detailed and deliberative process helps to prepare an Investment Policy Statement. Some of the factors being considered are:

  • Organization and participant background and demographics
  • The Plan’s goals and objectives
  • Identify all fiduciaries including functions
  • Identify asset and sub asset classes or strategies to be included in the core menu
  • Investment philosophy – the role of passive vs active investment options
  • Investment selection criteria and benchmarks
  • QDIA (multi-asset portfolio) selection and monitoring criteria
  • Review historical returns, risk and correlation
  • Investment monitoring criteria
  • Watch list criteria
  • Participant level advice selection and monitoring
  • Miscellaneous issues such as company stock, 404(c) and brokerage accounts